Commission Information


Things to know:


  • I only take USD through PAYPAL.


  • My weakness is doing backgrounds. 

  • I do not do REFUNDS.

  • You may NOT resell or use my artwork commercially without my permission.

  • I have the right to decline your commission.

  • You will RECEIVE a 300 dpi picture for YOUR PERSONAL USE.

  • Do NOT rush me, if you do your commission will take longer. 

  • I have the right to use MY artwork anyway I please.

  • However, if you would like to have the work private please notify me.

  • Do NOT remove my name from the work, and if the piece is posted on other sites please credit me with the tag #StrokeofJasmine.



Digital - Photoshop CC, Huion Tablet​, IPad, Procreate

Traditional - Pencil, Ink, Watercolors


Sketch -> Line -> Flat -> Shaded

What I WILL do:

Females, Males, Anthropology, Animals, couples of all sexual origination, Fan Characters, Original Characters and sexual themed art.

What I WON’T do:

Porn, heavy gore or mecha


​ FAQs

*What will you need from me?

I will need full body, colored reference pictures for the character(s). Also provide a brief sentence on the character(s) personalities, if possible. For portraits I will only need a good quality photo of the subject.

*What will I be getting from you?

A 300 dpi PNG. picture for your personal use.

*When will the art be done?

I work pretty fast, but I would suggest giving me about a week or two to finish.

*How does this payment thing work?

When you send me an email with all of the information about your commission, I will require the first half of the payment. HOWEVER, if your commission is LESS THAN $50 you will have to pay the FULL amount upfront.

*Will the client stay up to date?

After the first half of the bill is paid, I start the sketch. Then I will send previews of the piece. This is to get the general structure of the commission down with the clients help. You have three revisions after the third change there will be a $3 charge for any additional revision. The charges will be added to the final bill.


*What about the other half?

After the line work is done, I will require the last half of the payment. Commissions that are less than $50 will not have to pay the second half.

*Will there be a watermark on my commission?

No, only my signature.


*Will you post the art work in your galleries?

Yes, I will post the work on my art pages. If you want the art to be private please let me know ahead of time.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me at Strokeofjasmine@gamil (dot) com with the information below. ​

Form Info

My order form is here

Please and thank you!

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